Faviconvert TM: Convert your logo/photo to an icon for use as a favicon on your website or blog!

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Convert your logo/photo to an icon for use as the favicon of your website or blog!


This is a free online tool to generate modern favicons (favorite icons) for your websites/blogs.

Yes, We do support PNG transparency!

Simply upload a small square sized logo, photo or other desired image and Faviconvert will convert your image into icons. For the best results possible, you can reduce the size of your logo or photo down to 32 pixels by 32 pixels (32px x 32px) resampling the image with the "Bicubic Sharper" option in Adobe Photoshop, Elements or a similar image processing program. You can upload PNG, GIF or JPeg images, though we highly recommend using the PNG 24 bit image format for the best results. Additionally, favicon transparency is only supported well when the source image is in the PNG 24 bit file format.

Faviconvert generates 3 favicons for you. All major browsers support our favicons.

Types: Two .PNG & 1 animated .GIF are generated. We are working on fixing the .ICO versions.
Sizes: One 32px X 32px PNG, one 16px X 16px .PNG, & one 16px X 16px animated .GIF favicon.
We are also looking into providing two of the traditional .ICO favicon files as well, one 16px X 16px favicon and one multiresolution icon (a traditional 16x16 favicon with a 32x32 or 48x48 image for when the icon is moved/viewed on the desktop). Apparently, our code has depreciated and we are looking into correcting this error now.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small, 16x16 image that is shown inside the browsers location bar and bookmark menu when a website that is equipped properly loads into your browser. Another reason a favicon is a great way to brand your site is because many also use the png and gif versions to brand their links back to your site. Faviconvert currently generates 3 different graphic favicons for you, one of which is an animated GIF favicon.

Animated Favicon Example
 FavIcon Preview
 FavIcon Preview
 FavIcon Preview

Why do you need a favicon?

You don't really need a favicon, your website will function just fine without one.  But most people want a favicon to add that finishing touch to their website which makes it look so awesome.  Most commercial websites already have a favicon, because it is very important to the customer's brand experience. But most of those don't have an animated one. It's entirely up to you whether or not you will want to use the animated GIF version. Some commercial sites will not want to distract from their site content. But you can offer something most professionals do not, helping your website or blog stand out from the rest (anything that moves, is more noticeable). And since the animated version is a GIF, it can be edited so that the GIF favicon only animates the number of times you choose and then goes static (at least until the web/blog page is reloaded) in any GIF animation editor. So it's up to you, but your site can be even more noticeable because we generate the free animated GIF favicon version for you and throw it in the archive as a bonus. Try them both and see what works best for you.

Who uses these favicons?

There are not so many in use on personal websites and blogs. You can possibly be one of the first to make your site stand-out the most and increase your visitors and site traffic simply because your site will appear more professional.

Hotlinking (Linking to the Favicon on our System)

We don't provide hosting of favicons from our servers at all.

Please download your favicon archive(s) as soon as Faviconvert has generated it, then unpack it. This web page @ Faviconvert.com will reload once the upload has been processed. Then scroll a little further down the page to find your archive ready to download, which will contain instructions on how to use it on your site. Windows XP/Vista/7/8 supports zip archive format unpacking natively. Or use any decent archive management tool to unzip the downloaded package. Then upload the favicon(s) you decide to use up to your own server for use on your website or blog.

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Faviconvert does support PNG transparency

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