Faviconvert TM: Convert your logo/photo to an icon for use as a favicon on your website or blog!


Convert your logo, photo or a recurring design element into an icon for use as the favicon of your website or blog!


Faviconvert is currently undergoing maintenance and an upgrade for more types of favicon & Apple touch icon support. Please be patient.

What is a favicon?

A favicon is a small, 16x16 image that is shown inside the web browser location bar or tab as well as the bookmark menu. It is shown when a website that is equipped properly loads into your browser and helps identify and differentiate your website among all the other favicons in all the open browser windows/tabs. Now that computers are powerful enough, we often we have so many tabs open that all we can see is the favicon, and the website title remains completely hidden. A distinct favicon allows users to get back to your website as they need to simply by recognizing the logo, graphic or photo image. Another reason a favicon is a great way to brand your site is because many also use the png and gif versions to brand their links back to your site.

Why do you need a favicon?

You don't really need a favicon, your website will function just fine without one. But most people want a favicon to add that finishing touch to their website which makes it look so awesome. Most commercial websites already have a favicon, because it is very important to the customer's brand experience. But most of those don't have an animated one. It's entirely up to you whether or not you will want to use the animated GIF version. Some commercial sites will not want to distract from their site content. But you can offer something most professionals do not, helping your website or blog stand out from the rest (anything that moves, is more noticeable). And now we are updating Favicon to support more icon sizes as well as add support for Apple Touch Icons, because the internet world has moved to mobile.

Who uses these favicons?

There are not so many in use on personal websites and blogs. You can possibly be one of the first to make your site stand-out the most and increase your visitors and site traffic simply because your site will appear more professional.

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